They walk and talk with hopeful recovery about to preciously ENSUE- these dearest dedicated people who have been.. asking all of the right kinds of curiosity-driven questions; they’ve even been leaving their musical instruments of utterly artistic entitlement at home yet again… …

Asking when(also BaSkinG in peripheral distancing AND ViSioN!) can We ever even BEGin
To up-sticks and bring our characteristically ambivalent personality traits to the table

Even if, and WHEN.. this empty table may riotoUSly remain utterly uNKemPT they WILL WAIT AND SEIZE…

That SINGular sense of six kinds of delicious DiStRacTion!! And ALL OF THEM CreAtiVelY manIaCaL

If the storyline suits then so-be-it, if the storyL—ine IS too long then why are they still ably reading?!

Why are they fastening their LITerary heartstrings back together again and prepared to play: the greatest personalised harp-accordion hyBREATHE with-IN and known to A-N-Y man?

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