She thinks a fair while and gets to smiling – finally, rather jovially, outlandishly so in fact
No faltering what is downright meticulous
For they’ve seemingly come in the entirety of their unassuming droves and ordained her the chosen one
In their own haphazard manner of course
And people will arrive and righteously sit by… and watch and listen quite vigorously to her wondrous onslaught for it to catch tempestuous flame
‘Till these seriously concentrated words begin to suddenly make miraculous kinds of sense again – when what forever appeared to simply lie immediately, altogether frustratingly between the brain-washed pen and this avidly invested arm takes to boundless flight
The fight is on and it just has to be that she cannot but win outright
These hundred dozen nights have torn one such endlessly driven woman to the crying core only to come right back round and to parade her whole – the one-eighty degree muscle that fights painstakingly, all too bravely within
While these tired eyes of her own begin to breathe again just like she always begged and swore that they should, could
Via her deepest, harshest, most harassing days – all they need ever do is say when
Unmatchedly so
Then a million tenderised pennies finally start to drop, both figuratively and wholeheartedly otherwise
No disguising what is written in glorified folklore stone, just infamously prone to taking a little time perhaps
Wipe your eyes oh prettiness of ours for you’re about to amount to everything when least suspecting
Where the sternest backbone troubles itself like crazy to create a most wished for invaluable existence ’till terrifically, rapturously sedating the whole of this awaiting without yet knowing it increasingly wide applauding universe of hers
These particular words will stitch her feelings to the ceiling of your brain, tame a mundane existence, toy aside wrestle and bring it right back to life