If they took their time and designed an other set of extraordinary events then.. there’s gonna have to have been something .. relatively simple and sarcastically upside down about that thing.

In particular, and matter of.. effedUP fact, they were drawing the jaw dropping lines between being miserable and miserly.

And yet there DOES appear to have been a whole other way to do this.. especially Circumstantial.. thing… and in a most unTHINKABLYcontraryMannerImaginable. “We do appear to be repeating ourselves and on purpose, even though—

Those world-of-words will NEVERrunawayFromThemSelvesAgain. If even… everyone else.”
As our set of circumstances start at being these perfectly “upside-down” feelings of

Sea-changing normalcy. Maybe immediately. Either way… “We’ll immediately see.” The difference between being born free and beautiful