The colour was of and oft subtle and soft AND-suitable To the whole wide toughness of touch / of an equilibrium-based and fashionable statement.. and they aren’t even meant to

“Drag their borrowed bashfulness to the sounds of the sOURceful scourge” of YET-another courage-filled and -FUELLED day. “Way, hey, HEEEEEY(!!)” Where were the DrUnKen and delicately-DELIVERED Rearranged PHEW(!) TOO many persons who do-NOT-wish(…) to

Dish-it-out irregardless of that other thing: CalledCollapsing intellect, indeed. “There’s been.. a certainMOST (((calming))) way of telling the luminous-
DifferenceBetween.. being another version of a photocopied version of..

Yet ANOTHER-person” and they do seem to feel this way about THAT and every+other+PARTICULAR+thing. “We were living with our eyes wide.. shut again, actually, and oUR spontaneous souls

… SetAgainstTheSerene&WIDEASLEEPlandscape… of inesCAPABLE DREAMS.” Yes, they w-e-r-e acting lIvId aT BeiNg emptyheaded and real, if we did need to know ((it)) – which we didn’t, “WE KNOW.”

Even if, they were OFTENTIMES… ceasing an ocean of Endless and Encyclopaedic diction from forming their very ownPerfectStOrm

Because… “sometimes(?)” that level of inner ability (will) NEED/S to be CEASED. nErVoUsLy