There’s this seated and searingly suggestive disinterest in their youth filled eyes and it shall have to have its very own time – with tone and all, of course(!) they’ve been —

Rapidly radicalised and PREdeterminedly DISGUISED, ahem… “for the fools that we ALL areAND were” when(?!) there really was

No need for it AT-ALL anymore than way back before the *** took ferociousness of (unidentifiable!!) HoLd. On now(..) “to

Something else, in fact— they tried and try to t-r-a-c-k… and

—-)))trACE(!) it all back yet again and to another time…” of

Stoic and social, riotoUSly reawakened awareness, indeed. “They WERE probably oDdLy-aS-HeLl bleating-off -adjustably so- and at a thousand imaginative minutes per pile-driven hour actually.”

What happened NEED-not have even been all that iconoclastic anymore, Really. They’ve been feeling.. headstrong and roundabOUT(!!) these “HI!!”-end parts utterly aforesaid idiosyncratically aware of

Ahem, ahem, a mother effingHELL hymn of Christ almighty survival – “Yes!” That thrive to drive themselves and their wanderLUST and wAinInG of WayWard Brains back to THATplACE

Of, again… … disenfranchised *******((self))Awareness. “Please, tease us to the bones of our museumLIKE beings.” Until we stand here; Ready to devalue ourselves again, and to officially declare AND d-e-l-i-v-e-r.. something utterly

Rancid and sickeningly both CyClIcAllY brand new. “P-H-E-W… … …!!” What it took… … … … … . Still swims