They’ve distinguished themselves from their level best; ultimately impressed the shit out of themselves a-whilst their truest version of brand new lies tended to make

Miraculously meaningful sense: a held breath, kept captured and cradled for all of a library of moments. This has been hosted by hers truly; prone to believing in anything which her eyes have the periscope of sight to seize.

It’s been coming and it’s been trepidation-filled and it’s certainly been,
Relatively speaking, this alternative thing

Of sparring and warring, oft than not unwarranted conversations pushed upsettingly between a pair
Of eagle minded people: who really should’ve done their homework and on UTTER time

The tumult has to have hUrt someone SoMeWHERE, though(?!)
Their might of mind just might kNOw because: to survive

Took a lifetime of curing and cutting and reconfiguring Their Body of Worshipped Blood Til brought back to Life. Brothers and sisters- here they all were

Making historical sense of everything else which came memorably before them. With them AND additionally added to be

A Part Of Them, Too. It’s been

High and mightily wIld and diagnosed to be..
An automatic emblem of bloodlust and malnourished thirst

Yes. The trust of truest person WILL come 1st, semiautomatically second and …
Definitely a tertiary thing