What if we went and shuffled it allup on God ALMIGHTILY disheveled and distantly DEROGATORY understandings?

They’ve paraphrased the livid… settled as well SenTenCeS which take UP their very own time for now.

It’s a professional endeavour, INDEED, and he’s been— asking for a Better Versed Version Of An Introspective Person. We’ve disappointed the eGoTwIsTeD AMD maniacal people inside of their schizophrenic minds (Again) and managed at making them stILL feel – “aforesaid distant, dIsHeVeLlEd AND rather real for no retro reason.”

What if they spoke in cyclical fashions of faraway and aforesaid paraphrased understandings anyway? “Would it really all rent itself OUT AND shOUT aloud and from the HIGHheavingHEAVENS anyway?” Possibly… and probABLY NOT: and a thousand and ten other universal(ly) (eStraNgEd) interpretations and happening AT THE exACT. SANE. T!M€. She’s gaining bow and arrow access to the pARTS of paradoxical ParadiSE and she just might like::

To see how he feels when he’s been tied to his bed with a bottom dollar deluge of overstrewn awareness.