Not What We Asked For: “But what we did(!)” We tested the nature of an AbStracT delinquent and watched their animosity GROW ITS OWN unique WINGSPAN, actually. “They’ve

Taken a thousand polls and asked a billion “MORE(!!)” mere-eager questions OF THESE PILL-instilled people.” not One WorD but for utter verbosity and aimed Right-Back-Atcha(..) and if they died inside a thousand times then they’ll oDdLy have managed at doing another ten-BiLlioN type things anyway. She’s

Meandering from there-to-WHERE(??!) when everyone-else ties their ludicrous minds — to the shape of a sweltering-hot-SUN. We have one way of staying THE dedicated-both-detriMENTAL DISTANCE.. and that’s to

Be (D!$)obedient and aforesaid AbStrAcT and DEFINITELY THESE: “aforesaid mere-EAGER INDIVIDUALS who do like to tensely-both-tenderly DUEL: with the “spontaneous, please,” insides of their

Scatter-crashed minds.” What if we’ve taken all that we can, though(?)” If we’ve stood and sat and waited… … like layabout reprobates and fLoAtiNg_iN_SpaCe

… ONLY FOREVER CONsumed By this electrifying need to —

Nurture our upside-down, beaten-to-a-BattErEd-bRuIsE SoUls? “It’s a technique of typical turmoil and we’ve been forced to oil the wheels enough times now to

Dive-in and out AND THRU- THE eErIlY c-a-l-m-i-n-g BENEATH of these

Putrid little BIG, FAT fucking puddles of HopScOtcH-denial.” One such sleaze-happy smile and she’s —— “vying for tender tenacity again.” As this pUlsAtinG cItY wITh ItS unshakeable w!Ts sPl!T === Takes Her with It to Its New York knees(!!)