If there is anything in them then it’s this admitted ability to seek help and seem surely lost at the same time. It’s just as odd as the oddest of oddities and then something utterly… glitch worthy. They are… embarking gracefully OR NOT Upon having

Their minds and time Warped to the point of purely artistic merit, actually. It’s… high time for them to think about the ink atop of a

Million outrageously Uproarious pages, to feel that pace make sensible sense since the age of Antagonised. If they wanted to see what it feels like to FEEL ALL OF everyone and everything inside ONE brain, then

Let’s give them a shadow of the show that holds no bards. For all of their lifeTIME, please people, for we are about to diiiiive delicately ~~~ in again

It’s in the pages they have seen, the crumpled-UP books of utter “distaste” — it’s

a M-O-S-T beautiful answer to a tragic circumstance. That streAmline of Dream, to realise total and

Unsurfaced Delirium. “We were egging ourselves on when our adolescent minds tried to find—-

A memory for just one taken time that is _”ALL OF IT THEIRS.”