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Need to remind ourselves of the fall of the age-old – “centuries FILLED WITH DOSTOYEVSKIAN PENITENTIARIES when they came with colossal kinds of understated understandings FOR THEMSELVES anyway, when these pretty people
Managed to Make ego-LADEN mistakes for the ****sake of having been

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A thing of twIstEd beauty: “And as for the truth? Indeed, it’s been its own goddamn thing with

Secondary wings, as she enters inside of mightily hostile territories, plEASE.” And as for the remaining crowd of utter ******* alsoCANS, they do, and DID, seem –

Serenely sugarcoated in overindulgent bliss. If we’ve really been repeating ourselves to-the-bone then SO ******* be it. What we did is

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Work her way throughout another bag of Dostoyevskian bullets, “please!”