He spends all of the early hours of his perilous day painting so as to manage to finally create
He has been rather notoriously taken away from himself
Simply akin to how his more, shall we say, artistically savoury friends claimed he might do, only to have to unearth sudden breaks in the imaginative process – nonetheless relentless enough breaks of their piercing own – to hope above all else to steal a soothing cigarette whenever his mind feels a little overwrought, in total need of a refresher course in what the sight does invite on in
Here he will grab a meaty, tomato/mayonaisse-based sandwich, find his welcoming seat, and gather his bounce-about bearings before peering out onto the vast West Cork landscape in accordance with its wonderfully dew-dropped existence time again – an utterly bankable re-happening that gets to reshape the countryside he wholly adores, to renew its appearance – and attempts as best he can to delicately, fair silently wrestle with natures intricate and altogether valuable forces
For their sensuous and pasteurised surroundings to absolutely work to his advantage – tag team extraordinaire
He is unbelievably adamant upon getting everything just so, for something, anything really, to unassumingly cause a necessary movement of affable sorts within – never, ever presume to assume, you’ll be flogging the whole masterpiece for its breathless worth alone
The at first murmuring stir should eventually push the wanderlust mind ’til it gets to land softly someplace safe once more – ultimate reprieve, the steal, if he decides to be so bold as to confidently assume, did we not just mention that he mustn’t do exactly that?
He is dressed in all blue, working, he feels, in absolute organic unison with the skies kind, kind sense of individuality, co-dependence can definitely help
Two far better than one, it seems
A tad artsy-fartsy, perhaps, yet the constant and impossible to ignore harassing elements of the game can tend to eventually do that to you over these hurtful and quite desperate years of outside-looking-in pedestrian upheaval
All par for the course and fully anticipated right from the tiresome alas highly rewarded beginning
Where there’s a will there is undoubtedly a way and he will find it
Just must, been meaning to make the life-altering difference
For one seismic and gloriously distilled thing to devotedly, wholeheartedly imitate, consume and initiate the other
To smother his soliloquy being ’til appearing mouthwateringly pristine and smiling to last longer than he ever wished for – puppeteered to perfection, extracurricular procedure