Dunno which way to go right now, onwards and upwards with the poetry of course
But should I really be putting it in a self-published book of sorts, something I believed to be cheating but that’s just me
Or getting some middle-aged singer who feels that their time may have ran to add a voice
Either way I have plenty to do, many a choice
Each and every minute of my day seems to have turned its e…ye to research, afraid to leave any such gem that lands itself in my lap out in the lurch
How to break it, make mine a name falling from everyone’s lips, how to downright make it once and for all
Still relatively young when it comes to a writer, still dunno if the poems might need to be a little shorter perhaps
If it turns out to be a rapper who comes along wanting to turn one of my poems into a song that’ll do just fine
After all, they do seem to be the ones that work best when it comes to puppeteering the rhyme
Or a singer/songwriter, although what if my words start to fall by the wayside – edited to death – will I end up living through spite, mounds of nasty regret
Exciting because I’m in it to win it
Most definitely, unquestionably
Any suggestions would be great
A few people who want to read more and more, traipse on home late after a night on the beer, browse the ‘net before steering right into my website
I dunno, I might just write a poem about the people who visit, lend me a watchful eye
That might be nice, for them to see themselves inside a poem of sorts
Whether long or short that all depends upon how I feel, if I’m up to the task of talking about… a distant friend who’s been caught cheating on his wife, two kids
A dangerous pursuit for sure, and I’ve felt that heat before, so step lightly, don’t be hanging anyone out to dry, poking them in them in the eye with poetic licence