I barely tired, too busy to let the climb on in
Nonetheless it occurred, continuously, Up Inside
Kind, you were to attempt to buoy these particular spirits
Outrageous and sentimentally wrought right out – strength was built to find a valiant way Forward
Onwards yet inevitably downward when left to depend on something seismically inopportune
As were You
Two sided coin flipped far too oft for its nauseating worth
Even metal can Ware it does appear
My tears are dying as am … I,
Weakened will
You leaned on in, Pressed a none-too-redemptive redemption pill to my skin-ripped lip
The glorious Sun has seen more water
It didn’t need it I did
Yet This body couldn’t appeal to speak owing to inarticulated, button-mouthed everything
And if I did I’ve a terrific feeling you’d have sounded me immediately out
None too sure of my softened self right then
remember It well, please
For the inept lack of own tears, I half-heartedly forgive ya