They were indefinite about gesticulating about these kinda thing these days. That faraway, dazed and faded look inside of their dishevelled face for portrayal

Of another sort really says it ALL: “except for the largest pART of all, the Insignificant part that has no real meaning but” //

Behind these pieces of POURING scenes (!!) A Zig zagging ragamuffin ThruOut she’s about to —/ make herself feel momentarily peripheral yet again.

If it is yet another suggestible swan song which EXCITES HER to the bones… then we may wish to see JUST HOW LONG IT TAKES HER TO == mess-UP all of the ******* words on purPOSE and still WaRbLe on like a fallen version of a better person
But__ to be particularly fair we’ve aired our very own LAUGHTER OF LAUNDRIES ENOUGH times now —

To really not give one iota of a semi automatic **** about her state of indefinite DETERmination. Yes it’s a gun, and it WAS done with LovE