They called themselves two types of things and that’s fine, actually, except

For the layabout fact that they were ably acting..
Rather… ambivalent and idiotic AND RELATIVELY idiosyncratic at the same time. “When they were weaning themselves away from ANY Form of Furore that’s

The place for them to have: typically adjusted everything, and even when

They called the same explanation an ENTIRELYseparateThing

That’s actually NOT all that surprising an, AHEM… thing(?)”

However, Now(!) “They haveLANDED…
the audible audacity to take their insistent bothHEAVILYhesitant Minds away..

“Oh, but HOW(!!!) we mother fucking played.. this particularGame Asif.. a wreckingBALLexistence

Even-IF, it’s been ParcelWrappedIn: considerably chaotic cReAtiOn.” They May never have really been here.. even if, everybody sees what they feel.

Especially those closest. To their dosed endeavour- “treasure them, please.”