A performance of pulsating bliss and all of it balanced courageously/(flabbergasted) against

This ceaseless/unending/ceaseless and unending/ceaselessly unending sense of po-faced/puritanical/po-faced and puritanical/swap words procrastination – of, ever-yet, a next-level, sizably singular sense of both prominent and procedural/prescient pursuit
Of sincere-most lackadaisical-both-ill-defined elements of sanctimonious hometruth($, perhaps?)And, as of yet – all of it preciously both precautiously placed as a gentle and spontaneously/advantageously circumspect/advantageous reminder…

To tend and turn this idle and haphazard yet eerily unashamed/unremarkable (paint) brush courteously/abruptly toward: A daft/(daftly) ill-conceived albeit equally enthusiastic f-e-e-l-i-n-g

Of sophisticated and unofficial reverberation, pl-Ease! Albeit, although, even if all of this pale-faced and plain-sighted hitherto will continue to chaotically/painfully complain and utterly/(-) despite the fondly-felt-fact that it shall-both-can resolutely hang-in-the-air and ambiguously/enigmatically/ambiguously-both-enigmatically r-e-m-a-i-n —

— All-awhilst (sitting) (serenely) (silenced and) snide-eyed and whispering it all (from afar and (afield) (and) at well-wisher’s will —

“An extracurricular event tended and/both turned passionately-both-forcefully(-) toward a scintillated sense of both punctilious and heartfelt freedom/occasion/privilege!”
Yes! She’s been simultaneously/audaciously waiting – with her pretty + prestigious/prestigiously pretty and (might of (mammoth) (and ambidextrous) mind mightily (p)(re-)aligned,
(and) her (-)/abided/abiding (sense of) time twisted-n-(vehemently) twined and (all-awhilst) (abruptly/conspicuously/(none-too-)patiently) wishing/waiting/wishing-both-waiting for him(,) (kindly)
To (k-i-n-d-l-y) make wildly/kindly idiosyncratic/iconoclastic sense of this inexplicably iconoclastic/idiosyncratic thing! Called suitable and suffering submergence/suitably submerged (re-)emergence again