There was nothing to proclaim but for her lucidly suggested insanity, by a sickeningly perverted psychologist of beastly eyes and behaviour – to harass and profiteer and protrude upon her nether regions was to anoint himself a sacrilege soul of a most upsetting and maniacal kind.

Yet her eyes either side of a sniffer dog nose, albeit pretty as a macabre picture of twisted bliss, have seen too many scenes or murder and mayhem to proclaim her torn soul til brought bountifully back together AND (be)longing TO HER very OWN bones ever again!

Born-to-be, seemingly, broken and wishing for a favourite way “AWAY!!!” from this technologically enhanced one/night/stand BY one/night/stand … m-i-g-h-t just matter by the beginning of the end

Message pending… send a saviour