When you’re on a roll and bring all of the art to sizeable seize and let them see that your style has been trying and vying to DIE.. doe-eyed and ready for brand new and circumstantial evidential… rhyme?! Nope. Not a chance in lathered hell of that one ever ceasing OVER ANYMORE. A thousand thoughts per minute and they really OUGHT TO ALL OF THEM make aforementioned circumstantial sense of themselves.

Breaking the line to bring it personally back to Life, and all of it AMID WHAT.. but for the delicious feeling to Live this preposterously beautiful EXISTENCE AT SNAIL… pace

And prepped to become prepared to value every last thing is to sing it with words for wound UP Weaponry. This one of the greatest unknown feelings feathered to the wind-of-mind and wanting to be, cherished til ENTHUSIASTICALLY ONE: of a KIND. “We have watched him; he has watched US; heck, THEY have EVEN allowed for an inordinate level of comfort and confusion throughOUT One Brain

It may well Rain.. yet, my word(YOURS)— the sentiments are to be quickly both balanced and PERCEPTIVELY ADORED

Newcastle Upon Tyne: and no one has walked with eggshells for best friends and STILL come out the other side of every OTHER DAY.. aforementioned dutiFULLY PREPARED to re-evaluate the whole damn literary endeavour

Yet to be iconoclastic and treasured, when a man’s existence is measured Via: unsurpassed persistence