For the starry-eyed minds which seem to carry with them their own TwIstOfTreMbLinG faith actually. What they DO do is they: officially AltEr SoMeThInG damnDOWNRIGHT(andWrOnG!!) inside

Of their stay-awhile minds// it’s… not a nice-and-pLeAsAnT picture which attempted to paint—) a thousand-more-words but for..

That imaginative instance of “STANDINGUP tall(y’ALL!!!)” They are the.. hurting-AND-Harried People Of UnDiagnosed emotion/$, and they do seem to have

Been:: brother-ING themSELVES back togetherAgain and b-r-i-n-g-i-n-g that shapeLESS Sense
Of course AND crippling CaUse WITh them::: to the table/ oh, BUT FOR

All of these overindulgent misbehaviOURS of theirs // and OURS((—- It is, of COURSE, a locational thing of aforeMENTIONED UNDENIable wherewithal and they have—-))

NOT been a-c-t-i-n-g like themselves YET. But… they will. And they can… AND THEY ABSOLUTELY SHALL..

-// bathe with the freeness of mind
that few are forced to find…. —-)))