Stark-raving-mad made to be mesmerised, and they should understand how many times it takes for the greatest of artistic endeavours to DEVOUR our

Sentimental pleasure. The way he drew the curves and called all his very own ShOtS was—- something s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y delectable actually; and of

The SWORN-in calling to the TOP, she seems like your average kind of VengefulPerson, indeed

“They did this with a level of intelligent attentionTO DERAILED-detail… so very nUaNcEd and ((Rarely)) Real that.. no other person could ever understand.” What it takes away from them: ten steps forward and… many to count back.”

Everlasting Christ on a backward standing(that’s meant to be utterly abstract..) biKe, “they were blessing themselves in again..” one derogatory story per

FANtasised TIMe. Kind on the eye, perhaps, albeit as DAFTly misUnderStood as a hoodwinked masterpiece(of pretty little PETTY eViL.)
Here HE stands again.. with a sense of justice so restless and attempting to impress/— only ever himself