Stretch and taste – her ulterior amalgamation

She’s been insinuating so very cussing much, broached, breeched by his heavenly touch

The restaurant of crashed, cracked and cradled conversation appears to know no truer bounds, blasphemous bonds

Two weapons of crass and dastardly attired construction

A pair of eagle-eyed people deceitfully arisen
They just must mean to be : simply otherworldly and earned by utterly deserved

Soon as one such handsome Spanish cocktail waiter brings with him a platter of bare-boned brilliance and lands it playfully, intricately, bashfully and downright delicately atop …

Their invisible table of ventriloquised dreams – wherein anything can and shall pander til imaginatively happening

Tantalised together til torn tremendously apart all over again – and a flickering and fabricated black candle wishfully whispers that he just must have her …

Ladies and gentlemen – here we have the age-old art of one man being inspiringly plagiarised by the pretty woman’s dreamed-for one night stand

Hand it to her, because all of her wonderfully aplomb and whimsically misinterpreted, insatiably ingested, white-lies have somehow managed to fixate these magnificently adolescent and juvenile, outright naive young eyes

Driven to early-a.m. distraction, destruction … and, to simply think and sneer at the whole half-hearted debacle … whole-heartedly, freely admitting to the bare-faced fact

That. We. Saw. All. Of. It. Cumming.

The con in the students’ dorm at nighttime … which she will forever get to passionately remember and for the whole of a promiscuous lifetime

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