Perhaps, just maybe, some people are born to be pulled toward detriment. Detriment of a most knowing and passionate kind. You can’t know a person’s courage until they know it themselves, and these kinds of people in the image above don’t even think they are in any way particularly that awesome. But it is awesome. Although, also quite inane and that begs the whole question of… “if it comes so naturally to them, then where’s the need for compliments?” Although maybe that’s more suited to Messi than a mountain climber of Alex Honnold’s drive and determination. Even his wife says he’s a psychopath (to do what he does) but that word needs to have a long ass spectrum of definitions. And that’s the thing, while others won’t see it — YET — while my sentences appear to hold the wrong words in the wrong places what they do do is have a long ass spectrum of definitions. And each word suits a certain mindset with regards a sentences interpretation. Yeah it is inundatedly layered but, also, utterly able to be explained. UTTERLY. I dunno where the hell all the goddamn words come from. I literally have no clue in the world. It’s kinda hilarious, and weird… and oddly… transfixing. And definitely wonderful, for me at least. An artist sees in visuals. I see… … in words!? – there I said it eeeeeek. And words are the greatest mountain I could ever wish to climb(UUUUGGGH!!) ANNNND I’m going for the mother fucking summit!