I bend upon my muddied knee and try and watch him Breathe – notoriously difficult owing to Marlboro’s finest, he wil take to setting it alight soon as your thoughts wholly consume themselves upon the battle-back harvest – this particular field creates hidden pockets, don’tcha know
I propose for him to quit
He’s my father for one reason it appears, to muscle on in and work these gargantuan potatoes to their bounce-and-tumble worth, to gain a seller’s coin price might be fine and dandy too
Evening dinner all the more convenient when a little leftover potato – rough and ready at first – gets majestically plopped atop our farmers’ market table awaiting a butter-dolloped brand new and glistening existence
Push ‘ n’ grab, dressed to express our smile – infused approval
Mother does a nice job of her own to set the scene
Aforementioned made terrifically sturdy so as to settle our hardeneded souls
These weapon-like devices do delve quite akin to how his hungry shovel did back a yonder across that concientious grass in the pitch dark of the a.m