I think, to have simultaneously tried managing to handle my ocd whilst also strengthening my style of scribbles as I go might just be one of my greatest nods to mental resilience. That wasn’t easy. And sometimes, you’re left wondering.. so, here’s the dealio. If the ocd(imbalance of brain) does, please god, with time sort itself out, will said scribble style still remain? That is a fairly routine question for me to wonder and even maybe worry about, I’m thinking. But to go almost 5,000 poem-pieces(PEE-PEES) deep should have that bolstered for me going forward, I reckon anyhow. That took tenacity of mind, and a control pushed toward a level of upsetting concentration amid the crashing levels of undeniable angst of mind. In other news, I do miss that hallowed astro-turf for soccer-ball and CANNOT wait for it to return. Ate Dad’s goddamnit cereal again late last night and all via a bucket-bowl of deliciousness- must sprint to the shop to pick up ‘his’ delicious Krispies 😆 😝