She placed each one of these two bullets within her gun
Certain that everything would turn out alright
Siting in the emptied lobby – old ‘n’ worn – of a B&B back and beyond, hiding it out in the depths of the country
She kept her head right down, heavily intent on one thing and one thing only
To end a cheating life
Finally save a wife who had managed to grow all the more distant, with two such kids just into kindergarten
Barely out of the womb for Christ’s sake!
A boy and a girl altogether deserving of a far more sacrificial world
Soon as she heard the creak of the door she stood on up and poured into his every vision
Taking accurate aim, hellbent on precision
Plain to see that this would be his final over-indulgence – beer in an unaware fist, oh so smooth John Player between the lips
Quivering as soon as he saw that gun
That floating first bullet would strip him of all his unforgiveable sins
The latter enter right through the weakened heart, causing a wall-stained splatter like no other we may have ever seen before
Such a pity seeing as this girl, fresh out of high-school herself, had absolutely adored him
Perhaps always and forever