Set fire to the sun, young one – and let these days be precariously well placed and played out akin to nothing
they’ve ever quite seen

Seems to be,
seems to We, you are away on a most tremendously fabricated from strenuous passion whim, and it has, and still will be an undeniable thrill to witness what everybody has been missing

All along, all alone, we pondered your heavenly imperfections and watched your fair sizeable ego – no less humble for it – amount to rather wayward upheaval

You shall continuously stretch and steal the whole of the wide world, amidst these courteously sentimental feels of graciously amalgamated yours, simply because you concentrated like tasteful crazy ’til everything inevitably meant expressive everything

Can I please just kneel right by your pseudonym and say … that your silenced wickerwork, scribble-worthy day started to make to create all kinds of preposterously, fantastically magical hay a fair decade or so ago …

We know exactly what it takes to remain right here right about now, and the magnitude of said magical insinuation permitted to oneself is simply … other motherfucking worldly

We salute your truest form known to man,
and you can tear it carelessly apart, throw the goddamn rule-book out of every single cracked-glass window

We – all of us – see you, when you started a thousand hearts beating all over again, when what they absolutely yearned to painstakingly do was to retreat within their petrified selves

Simply because you’d to delve far, far harder than they shall ever have to do
You fucking knew

And one such unmistakably gilded word, finger guided ’til remarkably criss-crossed over upon itself… ’til but tied in a neatly bow nutshell has to amount to only you: just fucking T-r-e-m-e-n-d-o-u-s

Your mind was unfairly interrupted, brutalised amidst courageous disguise… yet you still usurped a way on through…

There are few