Excuse me, but I would like to know how you do it… how you can write at a hundred miles a minute?
People keep telling me… that you are only ever going to be a true writer as soon as you put the foot on the gas
Sign yourself up to one poetry-writing class or other
I mean, this is a little bit surreal, really
I mean… who’s your TEAM… who’s your GODDAMN inspiration!?
I hate to say it but I think you’re something of a freak sensation
There’s fairly easy rhyme then there’s this – a story enveloped in relatively masterful intelligence
Lending youself to a particular rhyme like no other
I remember it well, I was utterly down on my luck when you smothered me entirely
And I do hear that you’ve been to hell and back, felt your very own pain entirely
Perhaps therein lies this excruciatingly peculiar fire which has no such desire to burn out inside of your belly?
Keep writing because you had me at SEND
Edit, re-edit, do whatever you might like
Speak to you tomorrow… because tonight it is, in fact, I who long to write